Witnesses said about the shelling of a house near the manor Poroshenko helicopter

In the village of Kozin, Kiev region, where, according to Ukrainian media, the estate of President Petro Poroshenko, the helicopter fired at the Ukrainian estate entrepreneurs Vladimir Kosterin and Natalia Zhilina. About it reports TSN television channel, citing eyewitnesses.

However, video recordings of the incident from surveillance cameras or from mobile phones. However, the shelling was seen a guard of the estate, Zilina herself and minor son of entrepreneurs.

According to them, the shells were flying from the helicopter in camouflage colours. As said by witnesses, in the yard of entrepreneurs fell three shell fire. According to the guard, he saw one of the shells fell in a Bush for 20 seconds and burned to the ground. According to him, at the crash site still feel a specific smell.

As a result of incident nobody has suffered, said the TV channel. The lawyer, living in the family estate, Alexander Lupeiko reported for the witnesses that the shelling was carried out from a Mi-8 helicopter.

“It was three shots. As it turned out, these were incendiary ammunition. There is every reason to believe that the shot just on this estate. After the shooting, the helicopter immediately flew away,” he said, Lupeiko, put forward several versions of what happened: from ordinary bullying to deliberate shelling of the estate entrepreneurs.

When exactly the incident occurred, TSN does not specify, at the same time, according to the newspaper “Today”, the incident occurred on may 6. According to TSN, the TV channel said that the lady of the manor goes out of the house for the fifth day, and only communicates with physicians, police officers and lawyers.

In fact the attack on the estate was opened criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 194 of the criminal code (deliberate damage of property by arson), according to TSN with reference to the National police of the country. Seized at the scene evidence sent for examination. What kind of evidence was seized, the channel did not specify. During the examination, will find out from any substance lit up the grass and how it got on the territory of the estate.

As writes “Today”, law enforcement officers, who arrived at the scene of the incident, found no bullets, no shells, and no trace of fire. On the estate, investigators found only the charred Bush and gathered near him soil samples to find out what he caught fire.