In Syria killed a Russian military

Russian soldier Anton Erygin died from severe injuries sustained after an attack by militants in the Syrian province of HOMS, said Wednesday the representative of the Russian base for the Hamim.

“In HOMS province, when performing tasks in support of cars of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties, as a result of attack by fighters was seriously injured Russian soldier Anton Erygin” he said.

According to him, the soldier was quickly taken to hospital, where the Russian military doctors within two days fought for his life. To save him failed.

Erygin presented to the state award posthumously.

Earlier Wednesday, about the death of 31-year-old soldier in Syria, said the Agency “RIA Voronezh” with reference to his cousin. According to him, ” there is no was a signalman. Together with colleagues, on 3 April he went on a business trip to Syria for three months, where the sniper hit him when he laid a cable in Palmyra. The bullet hit him in the head. 7 may Erygin died. Four days later the body of the soldier was taken to Voronezh.

The funeral of the Communicator will be held on Thursday, may 12.

Before officially reported death of six Russian servicemen in Syria. A month after the start of the operation 19-year-old contractor Vadim Kostenko killed himself. On 24 November killed the pilot of the su-24 bomber Oleg Peshkov as well — while rescuing the Navigator of the su-24 — a marine was killed, Alexander Pozynich. In February dead a Russian military Advisor Ivan Cheremisin. It was later confirmed the death of Feodor Zhuravlev. 24 March, the representative of point-based Hamim reported the death of a Russian special forces officer, which has caused the fire itself (Orenburg, the media reported his name was Alexander Prokhorenko).

RBC wrote about one of the Russian military, a former colleague who said that he was killed in Syria — Serhiy Chupov. In April, Orenburg mass-media wrote about the death in Syria of a soldier Vadim Chumakova. Officially the information is not confirmed.