In Crimea canceled schedule of emergency shutdowns after start of the power bridge

In Crimea canceled schedule of emergency shutdowns after running the fourth leg of the power bridge. About this informed the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“From today, no charts of outages for the population will not. In the Crimea appeared the prospect of spending the holiday season at a high level,” he said. The head of the region added that the power outage will also be abolished for business enterprises of the Peninsula.

He noted that the fourth line finally resolves all issues with the supply of grain and energy. “Because it will be more open rides and water parks, but they also consume a considerable amount of electricity,” pansil Aksenov.

Today, 11 may, was launched the fourth line of the power bridge to the Crimea, the command to start which was personally given by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In December 2015 and have launched the first two branches, and in April the third.

The need for the bridge arose after the explosion of the four towers of power transmission lines (PTL), which led to the Peninsula of Ukraine. As a result, the Crimea was completely disconnected, no light left 2 million people. After that in the Crimea was introduced a state of emergency and schedule outages.