The defense Ministry denied reports about the Russian plane crash in HOMS

The planes of Air and space forces (VKS) Russia in Syria 10 may not fly in the terminal area Tayfur in the province of HOMS, said the representative of the Russian airbase Hamim. Informed television channel Sky News reported that in the area crashed Russian military aircraft.

“All aircraft of the Russian air group is located on the base Hamim”, — said the representative of the airbase (quoted by “Interfax”).

Earlier today the Arabic edition of the British television channel Sky News, citing its own sources, reported that close to a military airfield in HOMS province, in a rural area, collapsed a Russian military plane.

Earlier, in mid-April, in Syria, in the HOMS district of crashed Russian attack helicopter Mi-28N. In the crash killed two crew members. According to the defense Ministry, the impact of fire on the helicopter was not. A source in the force told TASS that during the inspection of the wreckage crashed in the area, which is controlled by Syrian government forces, no holes were found. Later the source of the Agency said that the probable cause of the crash of the Russian helicopter was pilot error.

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