Ozzy Osbourne commented on the rumors about his disappearance

Lead singer of Black Sabbbath, Ozzy Osbourne commented on the rumors about his disappearance after an argument with his wife, stressing that alcohol was not the cause of their separation. The musician said the portal E! News.

“I’m staying sober for three and a quarter years. During this time I did not touch neither to drugs, nor to alcohol. Any reports that I’m not sober, are completely inaccurate,” said Osborne.

Earlier Fox News reported that Osborn has disappeared after his wife Sharon Osbourne kicked the musician out of the house, allegedly because of his affair with his 45-year-old fan who works in a beauty salon in Los Angeles.

As told a source channel, after a quarrel with his wife Osborne stayed at the hotel, and if he has credit cards and cash. However, as noted by Fox News, the musician’s friends fear that he may again become addicted to alcohol or drugs.

However, the source portal E! News confirmed that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have split up after more than three decades of marriage. The interlocutor of the portal also noted that the reason for their breakup has nothing to do with alcohol.