In the United States Professor of philosophy, has been fined $0.5 m for smuggling tusks

In the US philosophy Professor was fined $500 thousand for trafficking ivory and Rhino horns, which he illegally exported from the United States to China, reports Reuters with reference to the Prosecutor’s office.

Iveya of Jenga, 43-year-old former Professor of the University of St. cloud (Minnesota), was also sentenced to three years probation and 150 hours of community service.

The fine must be paid to the Lacey Act Reward Fund. Service of protection of fish resources and wildlife, the United States uses to Fund rewards for information on crimes against wild animals and for caring about animals.

Attorney Jenga called a just verdict, according to which his client will spend in jail six days a week. The representative of the University of St. cloud announced that the contract with Jenga ended in March.

IVA Jeng in January this year pleaded guilty to smuggling ivory from the U.S. to China in April 2011, and the illegal export of Rhino horns in July 2010.

Assistant United States attorney Laura Provinzino said that Jung many years contributed to the maintenance of the illegal market trading of endangered species. During this time he participated in over 300 transactions and earned over $1 million.

IVA Jeng worked in online business called Crouching Dragon Antiques (Antiques Crouching Dragon). Sold through some of his products were made of ivory and Rhino horn, said the Prosecutor.