In the state Duma decided to accept the amendments of the anti-terrorist Spring

The state Duma Committee on security and combating corruption on Tuesday recommended to accept the first reading of the so-called “anti-terrorism package” of laws introduced by the Chairman of the Committee Irina Yarovaya and Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense Viktor Ozerov. The first reading of the package will be held in plenary meeting, on 18 may, the correspondent of RBC.

Documents submitted to the Duma in early April, I propose to introduce into the criminal code introduced a new article — “an Act of international terrorism”. MPs have also been proposed as measures to combat terrorism to expand the list of grounds for prohibition of the Russian citizen to leave the country, the grounds on which it is possible to cancel the decision on assignment of the Russian nationality, as well as to expand the number of cases in which is introduced the counter-terrorism operation.

The bill will lower to 14 years the minimum age of responsibility for terrorist crimes, and toughen penalties for them. In addition, the operators within three years will be able to store and to provide the authorities with information about the committed subscribers calls and sent messages. The MPs also want to oblige companies to disclose their contents, but also images, sounds, or other communications” user.

In conclusion, on bills signed by the Spring) MPs explained that the five-year restriction on departure from Russia is justified by the fact that “in many countries, operates an extensive network of camps and centres for training terrorists, which creates significant risks for training of the citizens of Russia to implement when you return back to terrorist activities on the territory of Russia”. According to deputies, these measures are fully consistent with the universal Declaration of human rights.

Extension of list of grounds for deprivation of nationality in conclusion, due to the need to fill the gap in the legislation. “The universal Declaration of human rights prohibits only “arbitrary” deprivation of citizenship. However, the right to nationality may be restricted by the state to ensure public order and the General welfare in a democratic society,” write the MPs.

Abroad taken increased terms of storage of information by Telecom operators (in the example, Italy, great Britain, Northern Ireland), reads the conclusion. The conditions for the operators, the MPs is considered “more loyal”.

Committee member, Communist Denis Boronenkov asked the authors of the bill, why they did not provide statistics on committed citizens of Russia international terrorist attacks or their participation in such activities. According to deputies, evidence that such incidents are taking place on a large scale, no. Spring said in response that the criminal law always is of a conservative nature, and “repression affect only criminals, and not worry that they will affect ordinary citizens.