The Turkish military reported the deaths of more than 50 ISIL militants in Syria

In the shelling, taken by the Turkish army killed tens of militants of the “Islamic state” (ISIS, prohibited in Russia), reports Reuters , citing military sources.

The Turkish army in the past, Saturday, may 7, struck at ISIS positions in the areas of Suran and tal al-Hisn to the North of Aleppo (in Northern Syria, near the border with Turkey). According to the military, the shelling killed 55 militants, destroyed three rocket launchers and three vehicles.

The attack was a response to rocket attacks on Turkish territory.

Earlier on Saturday, air strikes on areas in Syria controlled by ISIS, caused the U.S.-led coalition. According to the state Anadolu Agency, killing 48 insurgents.

The militants repeatedly subjected to shelling of the Turkish town of Kilis, located in the direct vicinity of the border with Syria. Thus, on 1 may, the Islamists released by the city two rockets, at least two people were injured.

The next day Turkey struck back on the positions of the “Islamic state”. Killing 34 militants, destroyed six vehicles and five militants firing positions, gave to Reuters, citing data from the Turkish military.