Dead in the suburbs bikers were part of the international club HONDA

Killed in Yegoryevsk district of Moscow region, the bikers belonged to the International club of owners and fans of HONDA motorcycle VTX and VT (Fury). This was reported by TASS source in law enforcement bodies of Moscow region.

On one of the forums of the club website HONDA VTX and VT reported that some bikers may 9 was going to go in Yegoryevsk. From there they planned to take a rally in honor of Victory and lay wreaths at memorial sites, and then to arrange “hang out most of a concert at the brewery field”.

In another forum, which discusses the murder of bikers, club members identified “99%” motorcycle of one of their comrades.

On Sunday morning, may 9, in the village Chelnokova yegoryevsky district near an abandoned building brewery, a local resident killed five bikers. According to law enforcement, between the motorcyclists and the 27-year-old man had a conflict. In the result, the latter opened fire from a hunting rifle “saiga”. Shooting bikers, the man disappeared. The suspect was detained near the house in which he lived. “On interrogation it has given grateful evidences and has told about all circumstances of the incident”, — said the Investigative Committee of Russia.