Confessed murderer of bikers said about the intention to scare them

Press Secretary of the Moscow regional court Natalia Osipova reported by “RIA Novosti” that the 27-year-old resident of the Moscow region Ilya Aseev, confessed to the murder of the bikers, told the court that initially only wanted to scare his attackers and murder, he said, was an accident.

According to Osipova, the suspect told that consumed him along with alcoholic beverages, the bikers began to insult him, to humiliate and take away helmet. Then he decided to scare them, for which he returned home and took the gun. Aseev claims that shot into the air and accidentally killed one of the bikers and then decided to kill the others as witnesses. A local resident, he was wounded, and then finished it off with a knife, explained Osipov.

“One of the girls pleaded that he didn’t kill her, because she has a young child. He agreed, but asked to take him home. She drove, went back to the tent and asked to press the alarm button. A second girl, who was sleeping in the tent, he didn’t notice,” said the spokesman.

Osipov also said that Aseev is a member of the same motorcycle club, to which belonged the dead.

According to investigators, Aseev was shot with a rifle five men, four of whom were members of the motorcycle club around 4:00 am Sunday, 8 may. The man was detained and confessed to the crime. Upon murder criminal case under part 2 of article 105 (murder) of the criminal code.