The interest of Russians in politics rose to its highest level in 15 years

Interested in politics, 48% of Russians, according to the survey of Fund “Public opinion” (FOM), which leads “Kommersant”.

This is the maximum indicator for all time of conducting the study since 2001. Don’t care about the topic of politics 49% of the respondents, 3% on a question is not answered. These results differ markedly from the results of the survey 2010: then was interested in politics only 30%, and 64% of the interest she stirred up.

While 42% of respondents rarely discuss Russian political events with family or friends, 26% do it often, 31% avoids this. The most popular topics for discussion were the Russian operation in Syria (it was discussed 14% of Russians), the situation in Ukraine (11%), the growth of prices and tariffs (9%), and “direct line” with President Vladimir Putin (4%).

More people watch foreign policy — such as 60% (39% for this theme are not followed). While 27% believe that Russian authorities have given this issue too much attention (the number of people with this opinion has increased by 12% from January 2015). However, half of respondents believe that foreign policy is paid exactly as much attention “as necessary”. 63% of respondents believe that Russia has had more success in international politics. According to 17% of Russians, dominated failures.