The head of the HRC urged Kadyrov to be careful in his statements about the judges

The President of the Council on human rights under the Russian President Mikhail Fedotov has called for the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov to be careful in his statements against judges. He declared it, acting on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

“For us it is very important to protect the judicial independence of the Corporation. Ramzan Akhmatovich of very great authority in the Republic, his opinion is there is very important. I think it needs to be very careful in her words. In the first place, in respect of judges”, — he said.

Earlier, Kadyrov has published in his Instagram a statement in which called on the President of the Supreme court of the Republic of Magomed Karataev and three judges to resign. He explained that, in his opinion, they should do it, “if they have a concept of honor and professional ethics, to write a statement and voluntarily leave his post”. “I am confident that this will be the right decision in their lives”, — concluded the head of the region. He explained that on individual cases issued conflicting decisions.

By law, the decision on termination of powers of judges adopts the qualification Board of judges. For termination status at his own request, the judge must apply personally to the qualification Collegium of judges (vkks).