Sky News reported about the victory on elections of the mayor of London candidates-Muslim

Labour MP Sadiq Khan, won the elections of the mayor of London, thus ending the eight-year rule of the tories, according to the channel Sky News. It is noted that Khan will become the first mayor of the British capital, professing Islam.

According to analysts, Sky News, Khan scored 44% of votes, while his main rival conservative Zac goldsmith received 35%.

Khan has congratulated the colleagues — the former leader of the labour party ed Miliband and the current head Jeremy Corbyn. “Congratulations, Sadiq Khan. Can’t wait when we start to work together to create London, a fair for all,” Corbin wrote on his Twitter page.

The previous head of London Boris Johnson of the Conservative party has worked at his post for two four-year terms and decided not to run for mayor. In the current election, he supported his fellow party member goldsmith.

Sadiq Khan was born in 1970 in South London, near Tooting, whose representative he is now in the House of Commons. He was the fifth of eight children of immigrants from Pakistan. Khan’s father worked as a bus driver.