The foreign Ministry called “rhetoric” the words of the commander of NATO about the threat of Russia

The words of the new commander of NATO in Europe, Curtis, Scaparrotti about the threat of “resurgent Russia” are nothing more than “rhetoric”, told reporters Deputy head of the foreign Ministry Alexei Meshkov, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“First you have to understand, and then to do loud statements. Not the business of NATO forces to make political statements,” said Sacks.

Previously, Scaparotti urged the Alliance to be ready to fight against a “resurgent Russia.” He said that Moscow seeks to “project itself as a world power”. At the same time NATO, in his opinion, should remain flexible in this situation.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on this statement, said that Russia poses no danger to other countries, however, in the event of threats to its security will defend their interests.

“Resurgent Russia for anybody not a threat. Russia consistently advocates for mutually beneficial cooperation taking into account the interests of all partners for the complementary management of conflict situations” — said Peskov.

In the post commander of NATO in Europe, Scaparotti may 4, replaced Philip Breedlove, who also repeatedly spoke out strongly against Russia. In particular, an interview with the Wall Street Journal on may 1, he called on Washington to strengthen intelligence capabilities, including satellites, to prevent threats from Russia. In Moscow, the relevant steps have been repeatedly criticized.

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