Media reported dozens killed in the strike on refugee camp in Syria

In Syria near Turkish border air strikes were committed in the refugee camp, which killed 28 people. About it reports Reuters with reference to the London-based Syrian center for monitoring the observance of human rights, stressing that the fighting in Northern Syria has continued, despite the declared ceasefire regime and accession to Aleppo. Bi-bi-si reports “dozens” killed in an air strike on the refugee camp, referring not only to journalists but also eyewitnesses.

According to the center for monitoring, among victims there are women and children. The death toll could rise, human rights activists warn.

The attack was made near the town of Sarmad in the province of Idlib, southwest of Aleppo province. The city itself is located 30 km West of the city of Aleppo, which the U.S. and Russia have agreed to extend the ceasefire.

Bi-bi-si published photos of destructions in the airstrike, citing the social network. Television and radio stressed that in some posts talking about possible involvement in the strike by Syrian or Russian aircraft, which are impossible to confirm. The Russian military has always categorically denied attacking civilian targets.

Messages about the strike on the refugee camp in Idlib province said the official representative of the White house John Ernest. “There can be reasonable justification for air strikes on innocent civilians who have already fled their homes to avoid violence,” he said (quoted by Reuters). TASS it is reported that Ernest ruled out the possible involvement in the strike, the U.S. air force.

Previously, on 30 April in some parts of Syria was a regime of silence.