In the body of the singer Prince was found painkillers Percocet

Potent painkiller Percocet was detected in the body of the singer Prince, according to the TV station KSTP, citing two sources in law enforcement bodies.

It is not known whether they had prescribed the musician, the doctor or he got the pills any other way, said the TV channel. At the same time, the source Reuters said that the prescription for painkillers was found at the scene of death. “Multiple sources” close to the investigation, told KSTP that Prince took outpatient treatment to deal with chronic hip pain. It is, in particular, meant a partial rejection of the use of prescribed drugs.

While investigators still do not know the exact cause of death, said the report, which refers to KSTP. In addition, sources told the channel that in the blood of the Prince was dangerously low level of red blood cells, which means that he was sick.

That in the body of the Prince and his house were found traces of medical drugs containing opioids, previously told CNN, an unnamed law enforcement officer. According to him, the reaction of the singer on painkillers has also become the reason for the unplanned landing of his private jet a few days before death.

The body of Prince Roger Nelson, known as Prince, was found in his Studio in Minnesota on April 21. It was not found traces of violent death. On April 24 the Prince’s body was cremated.

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Died American singer Prince

In the United States at the age of 57 years died singer Prince Rogers Nelson, aka Prince. The body of the singer was found in his recording Studio in Minnesota. The exact cause of death…

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