Airbus started the development of humanoid robots for operation on the conveyor

Airbus, in conjunction with French and Japanese researchers is developing humanoid robots that can together with people to work on Assembly lines and in airplanes, the Financial Times reports.

The project is being developed by the robotics Lab of the Airbus in cooperation with the laboratory Joint Robotics Laboratory in Tokyo. The company plans to start using robots in their factories in the next 10-15 years. As expected, the development of a new robotic technology will take four years.

According to the newspaper, the new machine will be more flexible and light than the existing models. They will also be able to squat and bend over, as people. The robots will be equipped with multiple sensors, so they were safe for nearby people.

However, the company notes that humanoid robots will never completely replace people in the work. “Introduction of technology of a humanoid robot for aircraft Assembly lines, is expected to support operators in the implementation of the most time consuming and physically challenging tasks, freeing up highly skilled workers to perform tasks with advanced options”, — quotes the edition statement by Airbus.

The company hopes that the new robots will be able to work in anti-human parts of the aircraft. It is expected that the machines will be tested in the production in various units of the Airbus.

American company Boeing is now using radio-controlled robots for the construction of wide-body passenger aircraft Boeing 777. At the end of 2015, Airbus began testing a small robot on wheels that can move around inside the fuselage of the aircraft.