The Deputy President has resigned due to dual nationality

The Deputy Governor of the Odessa region, Alexander Borovik retired. This is stated in the message of regional administration in Facebook.

In the administration of the region said that Borovik has been dismissed in connection with the law “On civil service”, which entered into force on 1 may 2016. Despite the resignation from the post of Deputy Governor, boletus will remain the adviser of Mikheil Saakashvili on investment.

Borovik himself on his personal page in Facebook explained that its resignation is connected with dual citizenship. “I never hid the fact that I am a citizen of the European Union. I am very grateful to the German government, which, at my request, granted me an exception to the prohibition on dual citizenship, which is valid in Germany, so that I could work in Ukraine in the period of transformation,” Borovik wrote, adding that, under the new law, civil servants a second citizenship to be banned.

“I’m sorry that Ukrainian law is the ban. It seems to me that it would be in the interests of Ukraine if the Ukrainians from the Diaspora could help the country of his birth without unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles. Especially if they are our compatriots with a good education and experience life in the EU, which Ukraine aspires,” — says Borovik.

He noted that over the past year in the civil service he managed to earn 15 thousand 300 hryvnias (39 thousand rubles). Borovik said that transfers money to the needs of the antiterrorist operation in the Donbas.

Saakashvili himself until December 2015 was also the holder of two passports — Ukrainian and Georgian (he received citizenship in may 2015). In the end, however, the Georgian authorities on the recommendation of the Ministry of justice revoked his citizenship.

Prior to this decision Saakashvili has repeatedly talked about the intention to return to Georgia and noted that after getting a Ukrainian passport he has two years to resolve the issue of dual citizenship.