Press Emblem Campaign reported the death of 40 journalists since the beginning of the year

From the beginning of 2016 in the world were killed 40 journalists. Such data results in a 3 may Press Emblem Campaign (PEC), a non-governmental organization dedicated to the collection and publication of materials about violations of freedom of speech and rights of journalists.

The most dangerous for journalists PEC called Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. In all of these countries are fighting civil wars or war with terrorist organizations.

Previously, the organization reported that in 2015 in 33 countries killed 135 journalists. While PEC warned that 2016 will be quite risky for journalists.

“The situation is very grim. PEC is concerned that terrorist acts and the fight against terrorism around the world in 2016 could increase and lead to the fact that more journalists are killed, injured, kidnapped, arrested, pursued, will experience great difficulties to freely carry out their work, freedom of the press will be further restricted,” — said in the message of the organization.