Spanish media reported the issuance of a warrant of arrest on 12 Russians

The Spanish National court judge Jose Mata da La issued a warrant for the arrest of 12 people suspected of links with the group of the so-called criminal authority Gennady Petrov. It is reported by Spanish Agency EFE, reports “RIA Novosti”.

According to the Agency, in the court’s list included the Deputy of the state Duma Vladislav Reznik and his wife Diana Gindin, the Federal drug control service Deputy Director Nikolay Aulov, former Deputy head of the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor Igor Sobolevsky, a member of a criminal gang Malyshev Leonid Khristoforov. In addition, the court ordered the arrest of the son of Gennady Petrov Anton, entrepreneurs Ilya Traber, Arcadia Burawoy, Victor Gavrilenkov, Sergey Kuzmin, Pavel Kudryashov and Oleg Noskov. In addition, as reported by EFE, the international wanted list announced Irina Usova.

In the judge’s ruling States that “criminal organization under the leadership of Petrova have achieved penetration into the state structures of the country”. It is mentioned that “there is clear evidence that were confirmed during the criminal investigation.” As stated in the document, Sobolev in exchange for “gifts” and payments of personal expenses Petrov told about the actions of law enforcement bodies in relation to his group.

In absentia arrest of Reznik and his wife in Spain March told the MP’s lawyer Alexander gofshtein. He said the court transferred documents to the Interpol for execution of the decision and the defence Reznik appealed against it. The announcement of his client on the international wanted list gofshtein called “continuation politicized campaign” that is conducted “with the aim of discrediting Russia and its citizens in the international arena”.

About the arrest of other defendants in the case reported by “Rosbalt”, citing familiar with the situation source. According to him, 17 Dec Spanish court a court in Spain has charged 26 citizens of Russia and Spain, including Petrov and Reznik, involvement in Tambov criminal group and money laundering in the Kingdom. The basis of the case are telephone conversations, where Peter is talking to different subscribers, in particular with a certain Glory. Resnick information about what Fame is he himself, denied it.

“Rosbalt” was informed that the accused had at the end of January 2016 to personally appear in court, and if they want to remain free, each ordered to pay a Deposit in the amount of €133 million, However, the court came in that day only a few people, and in the remainder the decision was rendered in absentia arrest.