In Odessa employees of the local TV channel was beaten and fired from a gun

In Odessa fired three journalists of the local channel 7 reported on its website. The attackers, according to the publication “Dumskaya”, have been detained.

The incident occurred at the entrance to the office. “All the attackers were three men — one of them shot from a shotgun. He was hit in the shoulder and head journalist, the other two beat the two operators”, — stated in the message channel. It is noted that the attackers arrived in a Honda Accord.

The TV channel has published a video of the conflict captured by surveillance cameras. It recorded the moment with a shot from a gun.

Video: YouTube/channel 7

“One operator of a fracture of the wall of the maxillary sinus, the second — a broken nose and pre-concussion, and the journalist — a gunshot wound to the head and spine,” — said on “channel 7”. All of the journalists were taken away on ambulance, arrived at the scene several police patrols.

In this case the journalist who came under fire, saved the jacket, the shot did not hit vital organs, said “the Duma”.

The city was introduced plan “Interception”, – told the TV channel “112 Ukraine” the head of the communications division of the Odessa police Victor Vdovin. According to “Duma”, the attackers had been detained. As writes the edition, the conflict occurred after the “7 channel” took video of the accident, which occurred in the same area.

At the same time, the channel’s General Director Dmitry Bondarenko said that the attackers were not random people. “Come three people called Dmitry Bondarenko — the operator of our channel. They started talking and during the conversation one of them a direct blow caused him injury the nose…then the fight started. The guys who were Smoking near the office, rushed to support. One of them said, “What is there to understand — get out the shotgun”, and there was two shots. The video shows that shot at people. Are people purposefully knew what they were doing. It’s not random people,” he said.

Bondarenko also expressed surprise due to the fact that the place was visited by the employees of the security Service of Ukraine. “Where is our SBU, what do they do? All media must unite in covering such events. I’ll write the address to the President, already informed the Governor and said that will drive up the canal…” — he said.