British media reported that Assad’s cooperation with the “Islamic state”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) were in cahoots with each other, this is stated in the investigation of the TV channel Sky News.

The channel refers to a leak of the secret files of the IG. It they are, among other things, cooperation in Palmyra. Approval of the channel, shortly before the release of this ancient city, which for several months had been occupied by ISIS, the representatives of the organization and of the Syrian authorities prepared a document. It says the withdrawal of all heavy artillery and anti-aircraft guns from Palmyra. One of the defectors from ISIS confirmed to the TV station that the group coordinates the movements of their fighters, in particular their withdrawal from previously controlled areas, with the Syrian authorities.

Sky News also cites other documents allegedly confirming the collaboration. So, one of them said about the driver who had to pass through checkpoints IG and to exchange the oil for fertilisers from the representatives of the Syrian authorities. Defectors from ISIS told the TV station that this trade agreement has been in place for several years.

In another letter referred to the events of November 2013. The document says that the IG has received information about the bombing of al-Qasr, which should take place in the near future. The letter tells of the export of all weapons and equipment from the area. Sky News sources claim that the evacuation was agreed by ISIS and the Syrian authorities.

To verify the authenticity of the documents cannot be stressed Sky News. However, in all previous cases, the information received via the current source, confirmed, marks the channel.