Rescuers extinguished the fire at the hotel in Valaam

The fire at the hotel on the island of Valaam in Karelia eliminated. This was reported on the website EMERCOM of Russia.

As specified in the report, the fire was extinguished at 23:00 GMT. As a result of ignition nobody suffered.

In extinguishing the fire was attended by 120 people and 17 units of equipment. In addition, for the elimination of fire involved helicopter Ka-32 of the North-West regional center of EMERCOM of Russia. As told in Department, he has made 11 discharges to the fire and dropped 33 tons of water.

A three-story stone hotel with wooden walls on the island, caught fire on the morning of 1 may. The fire area was originally made up of 100 sq. m, but later increased to 800 sq. m. the building was evacuated 70 people. Later because of a fire at the hotel building partly collapsed roof.

The fire was localized at 14:53 GMT and 15:06 GMT MOE lowered his rank. Earlier, the fire was assigned raised number of complexity.