Latvia noticed a Russian submarine on its borders

Armed forces of Latvia noticed a Russian submarine and a warship near their Maritime border. This was reported in Twitter of the national army.

Warships of the Latvian military were seen 30 April – 8 miles from the territorial waters. According to the national army, were seen submarine class “Kilo” (as in NATO classification called the submarine “Halibut” and “Varshavyanka”) and the marine tugboat “Victor Konetsky”.

Other details of the representatives of the Latvian army do not lead. Russian defense Ministry this information has not yet commented on.

About a similar incident, the Latvian military announced in August 2015. Then the Maritime boundary of the Republic at a distance of 5 miles – were seen by the ship “Victor Konetsky”, which pulled in tow minelayer “Alexander Obukhov of the Russian Navy, asserted in the military.