Poroshenko asked to return a preferential price for gas

President Petro Poroshenko has asked for the return of the social price of gas for the citizens of the country for the heating period. A petition posted on the website of the President.

“Mr. President! Appeals to you the people of Ukraine with a request to return social a preferential price for gas for the population for the heating period from October to April. No subsidies are not able to offset the huge cost of heating the new rates. You just condemn people to starvation”, — stated in the text of the document.

The petition also emphasizes that after the payment of utility bills, even with a subsidy, families are a means only for food and travel to and from work. “No choice of means to buy the baby a toy or get lucky on the summer sea. It’s not life’s existence! But you do not understand, because you live a different life”, — concludes the author of the initiative.

As at 21:00 Moscow time the petition has gathered 74 signatures from 25 thousand is required for consideration.

On 27 April the government of Ukraine adopted a decision on establishing a unified gas prices, abolishing preferential social norm for the heating season. May 1 “Naftogaz of Ukraine” will sell gas to the population at a single price 6,879 thousand hryvnia (more than 17.8 thousand rubles) per 1 thousand cubic meters, Kiev refused social preferential prices for gas, replacing it with the market.