In Tajikistan, has denied a ban on names with Russian endings

In the legislation of Tajikistan, there is no direct ban on “Russian” in the end of the surname and the patronymic, the limit is a recommendation, said to “Interfax” Deputy head of registry office bodies of Tajikistan Rakhimov Jaloliddin.

At the same time, the official said, the prohibition in the law on the assignment contains the child name, alien to the Tajik national culture, the names of things, products, animals and birds, as well as abusive names and phrases that are degrading the honor and dignity of the person, and separating people into castes.

Rakhimov explained that “if the name of the child’s parents ends, for example, in “ov”, “EV” — Petrov, Karimov, they have the right to give that name their child.” He stressed that during the state registration of birth every person has a right to a surname, name and patronymic, “an informed historical and national values of the Tajik culture”.

In an interview to “Radio Ozodi” (Tajik service of “Radio Liberty”), informed the official said that children in Tajikistan it is prohibited to assign the names, surnames and patronymics with the “Russian” endings, such as ending in “-ov”, “-s”, “-ovich and-ovna”. According to him, the law in March, was signed by President Emomali Rahmon.

“According to this law the names will be formed with the help of the Tajik endings “-zod”, “-zod”, “-/”, “Ian”, “-far”. It is indigenous Tajik the end. For example, “karamsad”, or “Karisuma”. But the ending “-zod” is not enforced, citizens can choose for their names such endings as “-PUR”, — said Rakhimov.