After the shooting in the center of Kiev man was hospitalized

As a result of the conflict in the center of Kiev man was hospitalized with a gunshot wound, according to a statement on the website of the main Directorate of the National police in Kiev.

The Agency specified that the incident occurred in the area of Bessarabia, information about the wounded men arrived at about 15:00 GMT.

Previously it is established that between groups of citizens there was a conflict, which escalated into a fight. As a result, one of the men was informed, according to preliminary data, from a traumatic weapons. The gunman fled by car, according to police.

Currently, law enforcement agencies establish all the circumstances of the incident and searching for the gunman, the report said.

According to “112 Ukraine” from the scene, the man was shot in the head. Eyewitnesses told the correspondent of the TV channel that the shooter left in a car with Donetsk numbers. in Facebook writes that a young man about 20 years old was hospitalized in critical condition.