The launch of the first spacecraft “Soyuz MS” to the ISS was postponed to June 24

The launch of the transport manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS” to the International space station (ISS) moved on 24 June this year. This was reported on the website of Roskosmos.

In addition, as noted in the message, the landing of the descent vehicle of the manned transport spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-19M is postponed from 5 June to 18 June 2016.

In Roscosmos said that the dates of the starts of the ships moved to increase the efficiency of the astronauts”.

On the ship of the series “Soyuz MS” 24 Jun astronauts to the ISS sends first. Initially the launch was scheduled for June 21. Previously, ISS had sent the ships from the series “Soyuz TMA”.

The last launch of space Shuttle series “Soyuz TMA to the ISS took place on the night of March 19. Then from the Baikonur cosmodrome launched spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-20M with Russian cosmonauts Alexei Ovchinin and Oleg Skripochka, and American astronaut Jeffrey Williams.