Moscow animal rights activists blocked the animal shelter

Near the animal shelter “EKO” in the East of Moscow began the collision of animal rights activists and security personnel. About it “Interfax” said the head of the organization “Zoopreme” Anastasia Fedjunina.

According to her, near the shelter gathered about a hundred activists who need to give them animals to save them from death. Security guards are not allowed activists to the territory, and to those who are trying to break through, to use physical force, she said.

Also in place are the police officers who failed to intervene, said Fedjunina. She said that the activists do not intend to leave until, until they give animals.

Earlier in the press service of the Metropolitan Directorate of the interior Ministry “RIA Novosti” reported that the presidential statement was adopted by activists who reported about mass death of animals in the shelter. The Agency said that leaves the scene, the police found on the territory of orphanage 29 dead cats and 12 dead dogs.