The UN urged the DPRK to stop provocation after failed test missiles

The United Nations called on North Korea to halt “any further provocative actions,” reports Reuters, citing Stephen Dujarric, a spokesman for UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon.

“These types of actions from North Korea are extremely troubling,” said Dujarric.

North Korea Thursday, April 28, according to Seoul, made two unsuccessful test of a ballistic medium-range missiles of the type “Musudan”. In this regard, the United States sent to the UN security Council a request for a meeting to discuss military activity by Pyongyang.

North Korea has increased its military activity in early 2016. In January, Pyongyang announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb, then we launched the rocket with a satellite and tested the engine for a ballistic missile. Western countries have responded with new sanctions against North Korea.

At the same time, as the Minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea Lee su-Yong, the DPRK is willing to abandon nuclear tests. For this, he said, the U.S. must stop its annual joint military exercises with South Korea.