In the United States reported tests are able to overcome PRO machine in China

China has successfully tested a new hypersonic device that, presumably, will allow ballistic missiles to overcome missile defense system, reports the Washington Free Beacon, citing unnamed Pentagon officials.

The sources said that tests of a maneuvering kill vehicle DF-ZF, which is installed on a ballistic missile, took place on Friday, April 15, at the landfill Uji in the Central part of China. A missile traveling at speeds of several thousand mph, was tracked by satellite. It was the seventh such start.

The American intelligence in comments to The Washington Free Beacon suggested that Beijing plans to use the device for delivery of nuclear weapons through an increasingly sophisticated missile defense system. DF-ZF, according to them, can be used as part of a strategic strike weapons that can hit targets worldwide within an hour.

Pentagon spokesman bill urban declined to comment on this information. However, he stressed that the U.S. continues to carefully monitor the modernization of Chinese weapons.