In Moscow arrested tried to pour brilliant green guests of the competition “Memorial”

Police detained a man who tried to pour brilliant green of the guests of the competition Fund “Memorial”. About this Interfax said the representative of the office of internal Affairs in Moscow.

The man was detained near the cinema House. He had been drawn up under article 20.1 of the administrative code (petty hooliganism).

Attack on participants and guests of the competition “Man in history” Fund “Memorial” took place on the afternoon of April 28. In particular, the human rights activist Irina Yasina wrote in Facebook, hooligans, “hung St. George ribbons”, including splashed in the face with green paint writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya. Yassin said that the hoodlums also shouted insults, including against women.

“What’s there to comment on? Zelenka – not sulfuric acid! Anatoly Golubovsky poured some lye. <…> Was standing near the entrance to the Cinema House some mummers, who they don’t know. I think that the usual punks,” said Ulitskaya RIA Novosti.

In an interview with “Media” at the Fund Sergey Sheshenin told that the attack was made by the activists of NOD. A photo of the action around the movie House has posted the coordinator of the Maria Katasonova.

TV channel REN TV has previously published a video with the scene of the attack on which, in particular, is seen as police arrested one person. In addition, the camera captures the moment as the young man splashed in people from the syringe some zhidkostyu. The Fund “memorial” reported that the participants and guests of the syringe doused in ammonia.

In an interview with Interfax Executive Director of the international society “memorial” Elena Zhemkova reported that the attackers were about 25 people, and they called it a single picket. This is also at recording REN TV and says Katasonova.