In Italy detained on suspicion of preparing terrorist attacks in Rome

Italy arrested four suspected of preparing terrorist attacks in Rome, reports Reuters, citing a statement by the Milan Prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli.

According to the Prosecutor, police arrested four people of Moroccan origin — a married couple living near lake Como, and also the young man and the girl.

Police also issued warrants for the arrest of another couple who left Italy last year and went to the middle East, said the Prosecutor.

According to the data obtained from wiretapping suspects, three of them discussed the terrorist attacks in the Vatican and Rome, where the target of the attack has been called the Israeli Embassy. “I swear, I’m the first to commit a terrorist attack in this country crusaders I swear that attacking the Vatican,” the Agency quoted one of the suspects of the transcripts of telephone conversation.

In another conversation, this same man says he came up with some Albanian in order to get weapons for the attack on the Embassy.

Italy has suffered such a large-scale terrorist attacks, like Belgium or France, but the authorities have arrested several people suspected of plotting the attacks, the Agency said. So, last month in the South of Italy, was detained 22-year-old refugee from Somalia, who is suspected of preparing a terrorist attack in Rome.

March 22, 2016 in a series of terrorist attacks in Brussels, killing 32 people. A series of terrorist attacks in Paris on the night of November 14, 2015 claimed the lives of 130 people. Responsibility for the attack in Belgium and France took the banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.

The only survivor of the participants in the terrorist attacks in Paris abdeslem Salah was detained in Brussels on 18 March. 27 APR Belgium passed it to French authorities.