On the route Moscow — Brest will test the project on development of tourism

Federal Agency for tourism (Rosturizm) and the state company “Avtodor” signed an agreement on the development of automobile tourism in Russia, according to a report on the Agency’s website. It says that due to the lack of a comfortable infrastructure cannot meet the high demand for car trips in Russia. The demand is noted as among Russians, and among foreigners, the Ministry informs.

“We need to develop road infrastructure, to create a modern, accessible, and comfortable environment for tourist services actively promote tourist product at domestic and international markets,” — are reported words of the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov. He noted the high development potential of “caravanning” (automobile tourism) in United States. In his opinion, Russia can take up to 5.5 million crews each year, however now this indicator does not exceed 1,5–2 thousand carriages.

The Chairman of the Board of the “Avtodor” Sergey Kelbakh agree that the growth of domestic automobile tourism requires the creation and development of a modern infrastructure of roadside service. He said: “the Cooperation with Rostourism to accelerate the creation of on our highways and comfortable for travelers, the environment, and also allow you to communicate to a wide range of consumers information about its advantages”.

During a press conference in TASS Safonov said that the pilot project will be the development of tourist infrastructure on the road Brest — Moscow. “Russia has built the road of the European level, now we need to create a comfortable environment for our own and foreign tourists who travel on them. In our opinion, the main transport corridor is a road Brest — Moscow. This is the most important route in terms of transit Western Europe — Russia”, — said Safonov (quoted by TASS).

The next step could be the improvement of tourist infrastructure of tracks Moscow — Saint Petersburg and Moscow — Novorossiysk. In the future, according to the head of the Federal tourism Agency, these routes will be connected with the Golden ring of Russia.

In April 2016 when the Federal tourism Agency was created by a working group composed of representatives of “Avtodor”, LUKOIL, “Rosneft”, Moscow state University, “League of caravanners”, “Association of the companies of roadside service”, as well as representatives of Executive authorities of the Russian regions. The goal of the group is unlocking the potential of automobile tourism in Russia.