Kudrin headed the Board of the Center for strategic research

Former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin was elected Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic research (CSR). This said Kudrin has declared to journalists.

“A President elected Pavel Kadochnikov, and Chairman of the Council elected me”, — Kudrin has told journalists, reports TASS. The former Minister said that the decision on the appointment of the President and the Chairman of the Board was unanimous.

Kudrin said that his coming to the CSR is the request of the President, his appeal to me with a request to connect to the development of the strategy of development of Russia after 2018″.

“The main block is the economy – everything that is connected with the release on new model of economic growth. However, it would be connected with the work of all key areas and institutions,” Kudrin was quoted by Interfax.

The ex-Minister stressed that the key areas of work CSR – “it is the internal and external Economics, social, course, subjects and, of course, legal institutions, judicial and law enforcement system”.

That Kudrin claims to the presidency of the Center for strategic research, RBC wrote on April 11. Sources also reported that former Finance Minister is going to write a new economic program to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Three days later, during a “Straight line” question of the appointment of Kudrin touched the President himself. Then he announced the agreement with the ex-Minister concerning its work in the expert Council under the President. Putin admitted that Kudrin could become one of the Vice the Advisory Council. In addition, the President, Kudrin can work not only in the presidential Council, but also including CSR.

Later, in the program “Vesti on Saturday”, Putin said that the Kremlin was able to find a form of cooperation with Kudrin. On 20 April Mr Kudrin himself said that he accepted the offer to become the head of the Board of the Center for strategic research. Then he said that the decision on the appointment should be made in the coming days.