To the mayor of Riga said in the police for a caricature about the damage of Latvia from the USSR

The Deputy of the Latvian Vilnis Kirsis filed a police report to the mayor of Riga nil Ushakov, after caricatures of the statement about the damage of Latvia from the “Soviet occupation,” reports Delfi.

Cirsis asked the chief of the security police Normunds Mivies to assess for the presence in the actions of Riga mayor signs the articles of the Criminal code about the justification of genocide and crimes against humanity.

That “Soviet occupation” Latvia has caused damage of approximately €185 billion, said on 18 April, the representative is specially designed to calculate these numbers a fee Ruta Pazder. Thus according to her calculations, demographic losses of the country and damage to the environment amount to several dozen billion euros.

Ushakov then published in Facebook picture, which depicts a cyclist who broke a wheel and requires compensation in the amount of €185 billion from Russia.

The mayor commented on the treatment of cirsis to the police. “If you get bit by a vampire you become a vampire. And I think that’s who all bitten?” he said.

The pazder, who called the amount of €185 billion, also reacted negatively to this cartoon. “Up to 5 years in prison for this cartoon. With this punishment I’m facing in the interview TV24 wonderful woman Ruta Pazder, which is responsible for calculation of compensation from the occupation,” commented Ushakov in Facebook.

Russia rejects claims of the Baltic republics and opposed the occupation of these countries by the USSR.