Lived in Sheremetyevo Syrian family was given temporary asylum in Russia

A family of Syrian Kurds, which is about two months lived in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport last fall, was granted temporary asylum in Russia. About this “Rain” said the family’s lawyer Rosa Magomedova, reports.

According to her, the family shelter provided by the Federal migration service of Tver region for a period of one year. After this period it can be extended, if this would be the base. This basis, according to Magomedova, is a “humanitarian refugee status”.

“Now they can stay on the territory of Russia on legal grounds, to carry out their labour activity”, — the lawyer told.

She explained to “Interfax” that the provision of temporary shelter means that the Syrians recognized refugees.

Hassan Abdul Ahmed and his wife Gulistan Shao Issa with four children arrived in Sheremetyevo on September 10. During the passage passportno control the employees of the border service and the Federal migration service said that the fake passports of Syrians, resulting in the family stuck in the transit zone of the Moscow airport. Family suspected of illegal border crossing with forged documents and brought in their relation criminal case.

On 19 November, the Khimki city court fined Abdul Ahmed and his wife of 10 thousand rubles, finding them guilty of attempted incrementamos in the crime.

The next day, on 20 November, the FMS adopted the Syrian family re-application for recognition of refugees. The family was sent to the temporary accommodation center of the migration service of Tver region.

On November 27 it became known that the Syrian family was picked up with housing and jobs.