Apple found the owner of the firm behind a huge sculpture in Moscow

Playground “Youth of spring” on Pushkin square, decorated in the festival “Moscow spring”

Co-owner LLC “Moscow souvenir plus” Gerasimova Olga (it owns 40% of the share capital of the company) is the daughter of the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma, actor and Director Yevgeny Gerasimov, says the message of the Moscow regional branch of Yabloko submitted to RBC. The company “Moscow souvenir” became famous for having planted the center of Moscow in the framework of the annual city festival “Moscow spring”. Among the most striking objects mounted in front of the festival — a five-meter sculpture “Three heroes” (an exact copy of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov) at the Revolution square, four-meter policeman Uncle Styopa on the street Rozhdestvenka, a five-foot basket with Easter cakes and painted eggs on the Arbat, palm trees at the Bolshoi theater, the figure of a couple of greens on Tverskoy Boulevard, and the installation of “Youth spring” in the form of a giant green head of the woman in Pushkin square.

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Fruit head and Pointe shoes: the main objects of the contractor’s festivals in Moscow

The decoration of the festival “Moscow spring” that takes place in the city from April 22 to may 9, and because of which aesthetic disputes do not stop…

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LTD. “Moscow souvenir plus” was the only participant at the festival “Moscow spring”. The contest was declared void, and the contract with the sole participant. The initial contract value was USD 189,3 million rubles., and “Moscow souvenir plus” is ready to carry out his 187,2 mln last week, the anti-corruption centre of the “Yabloko” party reported that he found “signs of corruption” in government procurement related to preparation and holding of the festival “Moscow spring”, because the acceptance of applications ended on April 13, and the opening of the festival was scheduled on April 22. That is, the contractor is given “only ten days to conclude the contract, to develop models of future objects of the festival, to harmonize them, to produce”, said Chairman of the Moscow branch of the party “Yabloko” Sergei Mitrokhin “Kommersant”: “hundreds of tents, pavilions and other venues in which to unwind festival.”

What is a “Moscow spring”

“Moscow spring” — annual city festival, dedicated to the spring holidays of Easter and Victory Day. This year it runs from 22 April to 9 may. In accordance with the terms of reference, “Moscow spring” is held in 26 venues in the city centre. The winner had to perform the whole complex of works on organization of the holiday: to design art objects, to conceptualize and plan cultural events, to develop a “corporate identity” of the event and print paper bags, rent and install 3 stage and the podium, 183 Lodge, chalets and other objects, organize cleaning and round the clock security.

Homeric laughter really is the daughter, Olga, are listed in his biography on the website TASS. Evgeny Gerasimov twice hung up without hearing the question RBC. SMS-message with a question about whether his daughter a co-owner of the company also did not respond. Press Secretary of the Moscow city Duma Gerasimov said that gave RBC the questions to the Deputy, but the answers never came. Telephone company LTD. “Moscow souvenir plus” listed on the website and in the database SPARK replied that the company on this phone is no longer listed, and now there is “Salon Bronze”. The head of the Department of trade and services of Moscow Alexey nemeric told RBC that he did not know the owners of “MS Plus” “the Organization goes on the tender, she wins. Why no one comes to the tenders? It’s hard for me to explain why nobody wants — apparently, people don’t want,” said RBC Ameryk.

Christmas and jam

Company “MS Plus” registered in September 2007, it specializes in retail of Souvenirs, products of art crafts, subjects of cult and religious appointment, funeral supplies, said data in the register. The founders of the company — Olga Gerasimova (it owns 40 per cent interest in LLC), Arkady Khachatryan (30%) and Ekaterina Ivanova (30%), the authorised share capital of 10 000 rubles. In the description on the website of “MS Plus” indicates that the company arranges free guided tours on the theme of Russian folk crafts, master classes on painting dolls, sells Souvenirs (lacquer miniature, Pavlovo Posad shawls, matryoshkas, birch bark articles, etc).

Since 2012 the company won contracts worth more than 1 billion rubles to Decorate the town company was not organized musical concerts. In 2012 she won the competition of the cultural Committee of the Solnechnogorsky district of the Moscow region for 70 thousand rubles for the organization of the artist’s performance of Ilya Vasiliev and the art group “Vasilisa” on the may 9 holiday. In 2014, “Moscow souvenir plus” changed the profile and became involved and regularly win in the Moscow mayor’s office procurement for the supply of decoration and organization of holidays, which turned out to be a lot easier and more profitable.

The company participated in the preparation of almost all the major city festivals. In 2014-2016 the company won the tenders for 363,8 million rubles on the organization and supply of decorations for the three festivals “Moscow spring” and “Easter gift”, for 230 million rubles was working two festivals “Moscow jam”, 451,2 million rubles — for two holidays “Christmas Journey”..

<p>Deputy of the Moscow city Duma (MHD), actor Yevgeny Gerasimov and his daughter Olga, 2015</p>


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Deputy of the Moscow city Duma (MHD), actor Yevgeny Gerasimov and his daughter Olga, 2015

All the tenders except one LTD. “Moscow souvenir plus” was the only participant. Competitive struggle was only in the tender for the organization of the festival “Moscow jam” in 2015, where the application form for participation was submitted also by the company “MT-Group”. The Director of “MT-Group” Lyudmila Golikova said that they did not know the owners of “Moscow Souvenir Plus”

In the system of the SPARC data on financial performance “MS Plus” only for 2013 and 2014 (no later data). In 2013, the company had revenues of $ 4.4 million rubles, and in 2014 it increased to 196 million Net profit in 2014 amounted to 814 thousand rubles, an increase compared to the 2013 year six times.

Evgeny Gerasimov was a Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, film Director, people’s artist of Russia. Gerasimov’s most famous role – the role of the robot Werther in the film “guest from the future” 1984. Since 2001 and currently Deputy of the Moscow city Duma. In Moscow, he heads the Committee on culture and mass communications.