Residents of the village near Odessa prevented to demolish a monument to Lenin

Residents of the village of lymanske, Odessa region prevented the people in uniform to demolish the monument to Vladimir Lenin. About it reports the local edition “Duma” with reference to eyewitnesses.

According to them, the incident occurred on Friday, April 22, at about 16:00 GMT. 13 people in uniform came to the village by bus and SUV. They put Lenin on the neck rope, the other end of the trailer to the bus. The bus jerked and hurled the upper part of the monument, according to witnesses.

The demolition of the monument tried to prevent local residents. As a result there was a scuffle, after which the unknown is gone. According to limanti, to dismantle the monument tried soldiers of the battalion “Azov”.

Youtube posted a video of the incident. It shows as a square on which a monument to Lenin, a small bus drove up, from which emerge men in camouflage. Then they try to demolish the monument.

In early April the authorities of the Odessa region ordered to dismantle the monument to the Soviet 84 the figures in accordance with the law of decommunization. Going to carry not only the busts and monuments of figures, also dismantled the image of the hammer and sickle and other Soviet symbols at the administrative buildings and houses of culture.