Building ATS Taganskaya in Moscow was enclosed with scaffolding for demolition

The building Taganskaya telephone exchange on Pokrovsky Boulevard in Moscow was enclosed with scaffolding. Eyewitnesses report about it on the page dedicated to the protection of the building’s PBX, in Facebook.

The roof of the building is already dismantled, users write.


On the eve on Pokrovsky Boulevard hosted the people’s Assembly in defence of a historic building Taganskaya PBX. The participants collected signatures in protection of a monument of constructivism, a petition signed by more than 32 thousand people.

The building Tagansky PBX was built in 1929 by architect Vasily Martynov. The Department of cultural heritage of Moscow refused to recognize ATS Taganskaya an object of cultural and historical heritage, the 8th of April a warrant was issued for its demolition. In place of the building complex will be built as elite housing.