Washington was disturbed by data on the growth of Russian military supplies to Syria

White house troubled by the information that Russia increased its military supplies to Syria. This was stated Ben Rhodes, Deputy counsel to the President for national security that accompanies Barack Obama in Saudi Arabia, reports Reuters.

As the message of the Agency, Rhodes did not elaborate on what the supply in question and received this information.

On the eve of The Wall Street Journal reported the movement of Russian artillery units on the Northern Syria. We are talking about the area of Aleppo in Northern Syria, and in Latakia province. The American intelligence there is evidence that some of recently deployed artillery has been used in recent days to support government forces, the newspaper wrote.

Reuters, citing experts, last week reported that a month after the announcement of partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria’s military presence in the country remained at the end of 2015. The Agency, after analyzing public data on air transport, concluded that the level of supply at the airbase Hamim remained at the same level after 14 March, when President Vladimir Putin announced a reduction in force.