The Latvian government was allowed to restrict the issuance of residence permits

The Parliament of Latvia on Thursday passed the third and final reading the amendments allow the Cabinet to restrict the issuance of residence permits (residence permit), reports Delfi.

The government after the adoption of the amendments granted the right to estimate the impact of issuing a residence permit on national security and economic development of the country. The restrictions that will be able to take the government, will operate not more than five years.

The criteria by which the Cabinet will decide, will be the number of third country nationals in Latvia and their concentration in a particular area. The government will produce regulations that will regulate, the citizens of which countries is limited to the issuance of permits for residence permit.

Adopted amendments changing the basis for obtaining a residence permit when buying property. Now, to get a residence permit, the foreigner needs to acquire two properties (excluding undeveloped land) outside of Riga, Jurmala, ādaži, babīte, Baldone, Carnikava, Garkalne, Ikskile, Kekava, Marupe, Olaine, Ropaži, Salaspils, Saulkrasti or Stupinskogo edge. Their value should not be less than €250 thousand now, However, there are other rules, Delfi notes: outside of these areas, the foreigner can only have one property at the price not less than €250 thousand

Work on the amendments lasted for about a year and a half. According to the Agency BNS, they will come into force in July 2016.