“Reporters without borders” warned about the deteriorating situation of media freedom

Freedom of media worldwide is undergoing a “deep and worrying decline”, the cause of which is pressure from governments and business. This is stated in the annual report of the international organization “reporters without borders”, reports the Associated Press.

The document States that many world leaders with “paranoia” refers to journalism and suppress the media, and at the same time, the coverage in private media are increasingly formed by corporate interests.

“The atmosphere of fear leads to increased hostility to discussion and pluralism,” said the Secretary General of “Reporters without borders” Christoph Delwar.

While in Europe the most free mass media, some countries, such as Poland, fell sharply on the press freedom index due to the tighter control by the government. In Hungary the government also seeks to impose restrictions on the freedom of the press, noted in the organization.

In the post-Soviet countries press freedom is gradually decreasing, as many countries are following the example of Russia. It is noted, Ukraine is against this background, a notable exception, due to the improvement of the situation in the Donbas and conduct of a number of reforms, although many challenges remain, say “reporters without borders”.

The company, Russia has improved its position by 4 points and now ranks 148 out of 180. The leaders of the ranking are Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand. The worst situation is in the sphere of mass media (seats with 176-th and 180-th) — in China, Syria, Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea, says Deutsche Welle.