The head of FIFA has decided to compete with Mutko at the Russian language knowledge

The head of the International football Federation (FIFA) Gianni Infantino said that he had an argument with Russian sports Minister Vitaly Mutko, who is better to speak Russian. He told about it to journalists at a press conference in Moscow, reports TASS.

On question, whether the lessons of the Russian language, the head of FIFA has proprygal the verb “to speak”. “I’m going to learn Russian. Very interesting language, rich culture and history. It’s interesting to me. We have a dispute with Mutko — who better to speak Russian,” said Infantino.

Previously, as reported, the FIFA President jokingly asked the question, who learn the language, he or Mutko. “I have only one question — who learn the language? I — Vitaly Russian or English?”, — said Infantino.

In February of this year, Infantino has promised to 2018 to learn Russian language, to be able to communicate with Russian journalists without an interpreter. At the moment the FIFA President speaks six languages.

In December last year, Mutko told journalists that it has become harder to learn the English language, after Russian President Vladimir Putin gave him a tutorial. “You know, I started to move at a different rate. Ask me anything”, — said the Minister. He was asked the question: “How are you? [How are you? ], “to which he replied: “Thank you, fine! [Thank you, good! ]” and laughed.

The Russian sports Minister has repeatedly drawn the attention placed on English language statements. In 2010 he gave a speech in English during the elections of the host country of the 2018 world Cup. The most famous phrase of his speech, spoken in broken English, was: “Years mi SPIK from may HART”.