Medvedev has promised not to carry out structural reforms “at the expense of people”

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recognized the need for deep structural reforms, but said that forced conversion would extend for several years the crisis. He stated this during the government’s report to the state Duma, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“Yes, the country needs deep structural reforms. The government is well aware. But also understand how it’ll affect the social sphere. Any forced conversion would have intensified and prolonged the crisis for another few years. Reform at the expense of people conduct will not” — promised Medvedev.

He added that today the capacity of the state expanded funding of the social sphere as well, including the real sector, are highly dependent on commodity exports and access to foreign loans.

At the same time, Medvedev emphasized: “fully to these sources we can not expect and should not do”. “Unless, of course, want to continue to be the country that has the right to its position and its national interests. The country, which have secured decent living conditions for our elderly and our children’s future, about which we talked for so long,” — said Medvedev.

He promised that the Russian economy is adapting to modern conditions. Medvedev said that now is the diversification of the economy, and the role of Russia in the global economic system is changing.

On the need for structural reforms in the Russian economy is discussed, in particular, representatives of the Central Bank. To carry out such conversion the authorities have also urged the former Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin.

In February, “Vedomosti” published the main parameters of the forecast of the Ministry of Finance stating that the country will face a protracted period of stagnation in the absence of reforms.