In the West of Moscow lit warehouse of 1500 square meters

The emergency situations Ministry. Archive photo

As informs the Agency “RIA Novosti” with reference to the representative of the Main Department of EMERCOM in Moscow, a fire occurred in the warehouse to the address Rublevsky highway, the house 151, Bldg. 1. According to preliminary data, there is stored plastic containers.

According to the Agency TASS, in a warehouse were stored household chemicals. The Agency’s interlocutor pointed out that black smoke visible for several miles from the scene of a fire.

Initially, the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations informed that the signal about the fire came at 4:32 Moscow time. In the statement of the press service indicated that the area of the fire was 150 square meters. But later the fire spread to the forest, and the total area increased to 1,500 square meters.

The official Twitter of EMERCOM in Moscow States that arrived on the scene fire brigades managed to localize the fire by 5:45 GMT. There said that the forest fire has been prevented.