Putin has offered to send 40 billion rubles in regional road funds

Part of the money that will be obtained from higher excise duties on fuel, have to go to the regions and not the Federal budget, as required by the Ministry of Finance. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a “Straight line” on Thursday.

According to him, of RUB 40 billion from increasing excise taxes on fuel should be left in road funds to the regions. “The Ministry of Finance because of the difficulties with budget planning to pick up these two rubles to the Federal budget. But I think that, at least, one dollar should be left in road funds. That’s about 40 billion rubles. Hopefully this will affect the quality of the roads,” he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to the President, it is necessary to “paint” the expenditure from the road Fund. “Looked like road funds are spent. It turned out money there, in General, a lot, but a lot of money is spent inappropriately on other tasks. In this regard, this is something we’ll have to see, but I think that, of course, will have to “paint” the expenditure from the road Fund, which had always objected the heads of Russian regions, because it was and is still a “store” or something, to get money for other purposes, because it is not prohibited by law,” Putin said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Excise taxes were increased in early April. Extra revenue from this is expected to amount to 89.3 billion rubles in 2016.

14-I under the account “Straight line” was organized in Gostiny Dvor in Central Moscow. RBC is an online broadcast “Straight line”.