Elections to the Syrian Parliament was extended until midnight due to high turnout

In Syria, decided to extend the elections to the national Council — the country’s Parliament for five hours, according to Facebook the Syrian government Agency SANA.

The decision was made by the Supreme judicial Committee for elections due to high turnout. Voting will take place until midnight.

Previously SANA wrote that the elections in accordance with the laws of the SAR may be extended until 00:00. Initially it was assumed that the voting will end at 19:00 GMT.

According to the publication, for voting prepared by 7,3 thousand polling stations. 250 seats in Parliament were contested 3,5 thousand delegates. For the citizens of provinces where the territory controlled by the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (its activity is prohibited in Russia), in particular raqqa, Aleppo and Deir-ez-Zor, polling stations opened in other provinces.