The state Department announced a record low number of is militants for two years

The number of militants “Islamic state” (IG) is now the lowest in two years. About this at hearings in the American Senate said Deputy Secretary of state Anthony Blinken, reports Reuters.

“Actually, we estimate the number [of fighters] of the Islamic state as the lowest since we started monitoring their forces in 2014,” said Lloyd.

The number of militants IG in Syria and Iraq is in the range from 19 to 25 thousand, reported in February ABC News, citing American officials of the defense Ministry. In 2015 the number of fighters was estimated by the US in 20-30 thousand, the maximum is 33 thousand, said the interlocutor of the channel.

However, the number of gang members have increased in Libya. If earlier the U.S. government was talking about 2-3 thousand fighters in the country, in February reported already about 5 thousand Possible reason for this may be that the Islamists are getting harder to get to Syria and they have chosen Libya as an alternative, noted in an interview with ABC official of the Pentagon.

“The Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant” was founded on the basis of “al-Qaeda in Iraq” after the destruction of its leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The leader of the IG, which has set as its goal the creation of a so-called Caliphate in the middle East, became Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.