The doctors found no reason for emergency hospitalization of Hope Savchenko

A Board of doctors assessed the health condition of Nadiya Savchenko, which since April 6, his waterless hunger strike, as satisfactory, and has found grounds for emergency hospitalization convicted. On it informs Interfax with reference to the press-Bureau FSIN.

The Council includes experts from civil health. “She remains under the dynamic supervision of medical specialists and continues to receive the necessary supportive therapy,” said FSIN.

Yesterday the lawyer Savchenko mark Feigin told Interfax that the doctors are going to hospitalize Savchenko Friday, April 15. Another representative Ukrainka – Nicole Polozov – after visiting the convicted in prison, said that Savchenko weighs less than 60 kg. According to him, she was “skinny, with black circles under the eyes”. With reference to the words Ukrainka, Polozov reported that Savchenko’s blood “four-fold excess of elements, thickening the blood, and the halving of elements, blood thinners”.

“She told doctors, the blood has turned to tar, which is very difficult for the heart to pump, and the probability of thrombus formation and sudden death, literally in your sleep,” — said Polozov. He noted that in the remand prison to the Ukrainian “flew home FSIN of medical Department” and warned that Savchenko can begin to apply the measures of forced exit from the hunger strike.

On March 22, the Donetsk town court of the Rostov region Savchenko was sentenced to 22 years in prison on the murder of journalists VGTRK in the Donbass in June 2014. Guilt she did not admit the appeal against the sentence was refused, and after the entry into force of the judgment – has gone on hunger strike. She is now in the Donetsk SIZO, in custody in Russia, Savchenko was in July 2014.

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